Solar Panels For Your Home – Earnings and cost

All around the globe people are being hit with quickly rising cost of living. For some, this making it ever harder to make ends meet and any way to cut down on the yearly and monthly outgoing is welcome with open arms. One area that many people are looking at is the investment in renewable power sources such as solar heating and solar panels.

The draw of solar power is quite appealing, thanks to the capability to save a considerable amount of cash, but at the same time, save over one ton of carbon dioxide emissions ever year. So how much do they exactly costs? There are a number of reasons that you need to take into consideration when buying solar panels for your house in order to know whether or not they will prove to be a strong investment.

Types of solar power

There are number of types of panel, the most general being solar heating and Solar PV. The difference is that solar heating is used for directly heating the water supply of the rightly using the heat from the sun and solar PV uses the sun power to generate power for the residence. We will be focusing on this second type of solar power in the assessment of savings costs.

PV stands for photovoltaic, meaning that when the sun’s rays drop on a solar photovoltaic module, a certain voltage is produced.

One of the leading disadvantages of solar power comes from the real nature of the power source – since the sun just shines during the day, this is the only time that power will be generated. Additional, electricity cannot be saved – it must be used when it is produced, meaning that if there is no demand for the power, then it will go to waste.

Luckily, in the UK, the Feed in Tariff, a program introduced by the government, permits other homeowners linked to the national grid to use the excess power produced and in reward, the owners get a tax free income every year.

How much do you need to invest

Definitely, the cost of installation is dependent on the size of your solar installation, which itself is dependent on a number of things:

  • Your power usage needs
  • The surface area of the roof perfect for solar panel use
  • Your budget

You advantage from greater worth for money on a bigger system thanks to economics of scale, but a big system can become very costly every fast. The typical solar panel installation on a UK home is about 3KWp and will cost around €8000 – 11,000. Be sure to get a quotes from solar panel companies, because price can change quite widely. 3KWp system will keep you around €75 per year on household bills and stop around one ton of carbon dioxide every year.

How much can I earn?

By installing solar panels with the help of solar energy companies you are not just doing your part for the saving and environment on your power bills, but you can also earn an income every year for twenty-five years, thanks to the government feed in traffic. This program introduced as a way of rewarding house owners who sell unused power back onto the national grid, so that it can be used by other properties. Under the present rate, a typical solar installation would earn the owner approximately €600 per year.

Free solar panels offers

Clearly there are many benefits to installing solar panels on your house, but what if you cannot afford the big primary investment? Some solar energy companies provide a free solar panels service, which at face worth seems extremely enticing. The catch is that the firm takes the feed in tariff payments and you get the advantage of affordable electricity bills. So, if you cannot afford the primary investment, free solar panels are probably a remarkable addition to your house. If you have ample cash to spend on the other hand, it is much better investment to purchase the solar panels yourself and earn a perfect tax-free income over the following twenty-five years.

Solar power: the limitations , the upside

The use of solar power has both limitations and benefits. While it could give enough power to satisfy your power needs, and potentially even earn you cash on excess power you can sell, it needs a certain set of conditions. Some areas are simply amazing suited to using solar power than others, so be sure to check the insolation index, or the amount of sunlight per day your area gets, around your business or home. Areas that commonly view more daylight than nightlight are best candidates, with other factors, such as cloud cover and atmosphere situations, playing a role as well.

How green are solar panels?

Solar shingles or solar panels are more environmentally friendly than any fossil-fueled technique of generating power. While it would be untrue to claim that they are hundred percent environmentally friendly, as there are greenhouse gases and other bad material used in their creation, they would be greener than our present techniques. According to Scientific American, we would cut greenhouse gas emissions by ninety percent if we switched to solar. This is before you account for the liability of solar power powering its own production, known as PV breeder cycle.

How can I get solar panels?

As solar panels become more famous, more solar panel companies are springing up that can do the work of installing them for you. While the cost can seem like a lot to pay up front, they commonly end up paying for themselves in the long term. A rising number of people are starting to build their own solar panels, which need some technical instruction but is much affordable than having it done professionally.

Give the best set of conditions, solar power can also be a big cost saver when it comes to power bills, as homes with them use potentially little of the mass-produced power from a conventional energy plant.

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