Solar energy efficiency and advantages

Conventional geysers use approximately 6,400 kW hours of power a year per household which in turn is responsible for around eight tons of CO2 annually which is double of that of an automobile. A family that uses either natural oil or gas water heaters contributes at least 2 tons of CO2 emissions yearly. Solar hot water heaters  not just save money but also do not emit CO2.

Scientists have verified that the geysers cause more pollution than all vehicles and little trucks around the continent. And if only half the households used solar hot water heaters that carbon emissions would be on par with doubling the fuel efficiency of all vehicles.

Solar system to head up water are gaining status and many people are switching over and according to the Environmental and Energy Study institute there are around 2 million people using solar water heaters in the USA. The beauty about this kind of heating is that it can be used in any climate as most nations have access to ample sunlight. Domestic government worldwide are attracting people to install solar water heaters.

The heaters of solar system are the most economical option and this is why it is another best reason to change over. Solar system to head up water pay for themselves within 4 to 8 years and these kinds of heaters will last for around 40 years which is more or less the same as conventional heaters and the difference is that with a solar system you will have free warm water for ever.

In the United States homeowners are offered tax credits for around 30 percent when they install a solar heating system anyway these tax credits are not added when it comes to swimming pool heaters or hot tub heaters and before you claim tax the solar system has to be verified and certified by Solar Rating and Certification Corporation.

Before solar panel installation consumer should research the standard needed for their zoning and building codes and hire a professional installer who is familiar with local needs. One also needs to be alert that most municipalities need a building  permit before you install a solar water heater onto an existing house.

For example in Canada the Canadian Solar industries has a specified list of Solar heater installers which is added in their natural resources booklet. If you go online one can find solar water heating system buyers which one can free of charge download.

For those of you that are not financially ready to replace your solar hot water heaters there are other ways in which you can keep electricity in the mean time. The heaters change in size as there are natural gas heaters, propane and oil heaters, electric heaters, as well as solar models. Each model varies when it comes to cost. You can keep money by using water heater blanket which have a R10 or R5 rating. This will keep power cost lower.

Steps to setting up a solar water heating in your home

Here are the steps to follow if you want to have a solar water heater installed in your own house:

Find out whether or not your site is well-suited for the installation for a solar water heater. The accessible of sunlight is, definitely, the most vital consideration. In countries like the England solar water heaters are not fully taken benefit of because cloudy skies take over most of the year. In contract, Australian homes and homes in the southern states of the America will advantage much because they enjoy sunshine at least blast for most of the year. If you are not confident about whether or not your site get enough sunlight for a solar water heater, observe the number of hours sunlight  6 hour is the best amount of sun exposure for ample weather heating. You should also ensure that the roof of your home is strong enough to support a solar heating system. If not, think of getting a ground-mounted structure instead.

Determine the type of water heater most suitable for promoting the most solar energy efficiency. Different kinds of environments and different heating needs should influence the choice of solar water heater you pick. Doing your research on the different kinds of systems and how they operate is extremely helpful, and so is consulting a professional on solar energy. Check the label of your conventional electric heater is decide the capacity for the solar water heater.

Look for an honest solar contractor. Most likely, you will need their services for a evaluating your homes suitability for a solar water heating system, provide you recommendations on your heater choice, install the system, and visit every now and then for maintenance repairs and checkups. Ask for references from family and friends and check with the Local Better Business Bureau on the status of your chosen contractor. Remember, too, to forever request transactions to be put down in writing.

Find out if these are advantages for having a solar water heater installed in your house. If you buy a professional and qualified system, you are eligible for tax exemption equivalent to thirty percent of the cost of the heating system. Rebate and other tax credits may also be availed depending on your state or local governments policies on incentives to keep home energy.

Be sure that solar water heating system is rightly maintained and working. Although it is the solar contractors work to visit every now and then to clean up the system, it is your work as owner of the home and recipient of the advantages of a solar water heater to ensure that the system is in best shape. Inspect your water heater and ensure that the water collector is forever out in full sunlight and property sealed and insulated. Cracks or yellowing on the collectors is a sign for replacement.

To further better the solar efficiency of your house, practice a few more easy measure to keep more power. Things like minimizing your warm water usage and adjusting the thermostat to lower temperatures amazingly help in diminishing your power needs.

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