Questions you should ask when buying solar panels

PV solar panels work much amazing on a south facing roof. This is because US is in the northern hemisphere. Having said that, do not rule solar panels out if you roof west or east, as you can still make a reasonable return. The angle of your roof is also vital. Solar panels are most effective at about 30-35 degree – the same pitch as a standard US roof. Your installers should perfectly measure your roof before they provide you a final guess of performance.

Also, check if your roof area is shaded by buildings, trees, other structures. The solar panel companies should take into account when they make their calculations.

How long you will live in the property?

When we design a local solar panel system, we do our best to provide the customer a ten percent return on their investment – or in other words, the panels will pay for themselves in around ten years. The Feed in Tariff is promised for twenty years. So in order to get the highest worth for money from your solar installation, you should truly be planning to stay put for several years.

When do you use the most power?

Solar panels change sunlight into power, and feed that power directly into your house. You will get the most worth from your solar panels if you use a lot of power during the daylight hours – things like drying and washing clothes for example. Making a few changes to your regular routine will truly help maximise your savings.

How expensive are solar panels?

When exploring the money side of investing in solar panels, the expense behind them is generally a common concern. The cost of solar panels depends on different factors, adding the size of the home and the panels type you need. Anyway, the cost of solar panels is significantly less than a few years ago. This has translated into a drop of five percent for residential homes for costs linked with solar power. For example, Solar installation cost for residential properties dropped from $7 per rated watt in 2010 to approximately $3. 5 per rated watt in 2015. This is due to its growth in popularity, access and awareness.

Does my home need to be weatherized before I install solar?

When discussing to clients about installing best solar panels, we forever ask about how their home is currently weatherized and insulated. Sealing up spaces around doors and windows, wrapping HVAC ducts, and making sure attics have the best type of insulation is a power efficient foundation any home should have. This work cost-friendly and fast to execute, and it is a key first step in making your house function more efficiently and sustainably. You can add best solar panels without having this job done, but a perfect house will truly boost your power savings with solar.

What warranties do you offer?

Producers warranties typically are twenty to twenty five years on solar panels and 5 to ten years on their power inverters, the devices that change direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) to current a home. Installers also should warrant their work, promising their installations would not cause leaks for a specific time period.  To save solar panels from wind, fire and other damage, include them to your homeowners insurance policy.

How large is the solar power system?

Knowing the size of the solar array is very important – this information will support you to determine how much power use the system has the capability to offset, as well as how much you will keep on your power bills. You may even consider asking the seller to give you with past power bills to provide you an amazing point of reference.

Is net metering accessible

Depending on home place and utility company, some solar owners are eligible for net metering, which permits you to sell excess power produced by your solar panels back to the grid. This is another factor that should be talked with the seller, as it will support you to figure out how much you have the potential to keep on your monthly power bill.

Tips for buying your solar power system

Decide on the type of solar panels

It used to be case if you have restricted roof space you would need very efficient mono-crystalline solar panels. This is quickly replacing with advances in thin film technologies  and polycrystalline panel technology.  Still, even if you have sufficient roof area you may still want to consider panel sizes vs. output as filling up your roof with incompetent panels will affect your capability to add more panels at a later date, and does not increase the power output of the area.

It is also vital to bear in mind that regardless of claim, no solar panel technology will generate an important amount of power in full shade.

Solar panel mounting

Ensure that the roof, tracking system or ground mounting is engineer certified for the area you are in. For example, if you live in a cyclone prone place ensure the mounting brackets and mounting systems are also cyclone rated. Standard systems are wind certified; after all you do not want your system to take off during a wild storm. The mounting system is a very important part and some suppliers skimp on this item. Ensure you ask about warranty arrangements, wind certification, and get copies of match documents.

Have realistic price expectations

If you are paying substantially less than many other alike size system quoted, you may find bad standard equipment and/ or bad Solar installation work. Best equipment and installation is not affordable and, like all other purchases, you generally get what you pay for.

Match solar companies components and warranty periods check the installation services. While, well established, and huge firms can pass on substantial savings due to increased buyer power, other firms often decrease by cutting vital concerns.

Avoid high pressure sales people

High force sales tactics are unfortunately general in the solar industry. Try not to make plans on the spot, just ask the person to let you consider the offer. If it is a best as they claim, it will still be a best deal tomorrow. Pressured decisions on the spot generally turn out to be less beneficial in reflection.

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