How to maintain your solar system year round

Solar panels are amazingly reliable. Most systems have no moving parts, and the lifespan of a solar panel can exceed 30 years. This means that solar energy companies routinely provides very long warranties and maintenance plans as part of your system cost. Despite this, some preventative maintenance may go a long way towards the efficiency and longevity of your system, and it is a best to know what to do if there is an issue with any of your panels. Follow these tips for decades of clean power and savings on your energy bill.

Solar panel cleaning

Regardless of where you live, your solar panels will need a best hosing off from time to time. If you live in a area with lots of pollen or live in the desert, this might need to happen once every couple months or so. In other parts of the country, cleaning once or twice a year is sufficient.

You can perform the cleaning yourself with best aim and garden hose. If you want those power-generating panels to get squeaky clean, you can enlist the support of a extendable wand with a soft fiber attachment. Just be sure to hose them down afterward to reject leaving any soapy residue behind.

When cleaning your panels yourself, bear in mind that you have the terrifying energy to void your warranty. Be careful not to scrape your best solar panels, as this can cause micro-etching on the panels surface and decrease your efficiency. Also, bear in mind not to use any type of abrasive materials or bad chemical while cleaning your panels.

Definitely, some solar panels are going to be more hard to reach. If you fall into either of these categories, do not be afraid to hire solar panel companies in your area.

Snow and ice removal

Ice building is another problem, as it may weaken your roof and problem the integrity of your solar panels. Removing ice from your roof may be important in some cases to stop eventual water penetration, structural damage or even pooling. Anyway, the use of salt as a snowmelt may cause corrosion on your rack or the panels themselves, making removal of ice a big challenge. Conditions like these warrant consulting an expert maintenance service advised by your solar installer to stop any long-term issues or damage.

Besides ice buildup, you should not have to hesitate about the integrity of your solar panels in most weather situations. Even serious weather events like hailstorms are within the power tests of the tempered glass used on solar panels. Anyway, in the event one of your panels become cracked, contact your solar energy companies quickly for replacement or repair of the broken panel or solar shingles.

Windy conditions

Hesitate about your solar panels in wind? Again, not an issue. Panel fixtures are designed to withstand extreme weather situations, including high wind loads.

The only thing you have to hesitate about with wind if flying debris. Be sure to clear any barriers off of your solar panels regularly, as they could decrease your solar arrays efficiency.

With right installation, solar panels can withstand nearly every weather situation, from everyday to the extreme, while requiring very pretty maintenance on your part

Annual inspection

Preventive maintenance can go a long way towards the solar system life, and spring is an amazing time to tackle that. Have your installer conduct a regular check of your installation to diagnose and address any problems. The Solar American Board for Codes and Standards advises that all annual visual checks contain a thorough check for any of the following.

  • Roof drainage problems
  • Water damage at any roof penetration
  • Vegetation growth
  • Right expansion supports, joints and bushing in long conduit runs
  • Exposed or loose wiring, or wiring that contact the roof surface
  • Corrosion on electrical enclosures or the track system
  • Excessive wear or cracking on the inverter
  • Signs of animal infestation
  • Discoloration, burn marks, or broken glass on solar panels
  • Missing bolts
  • Erosion or corrosion of system supports

Depending on your system, your solar installer may also pick to conduct insulation tests to determine if there is any problem to the wiring insulation, or any resistance from broken or loose connections. If you notice a drop in your production, or if your system checking has revealed a dead panel, these tests can be conducted to isolate the issue for maintenance.

Electrical component care

The wiring that ties your solar panels to your house should last for the life of your system. The top way to reject any electrical problems is to go with a professional solar panel companies. Professional installers know where systems generally fail, and will avoid bad wiring that could outcome in water exposure or other problems that might halt your production.

Many latest systems also come with true-time system monitoring, so you should be alerted to any electrical problems fairly fast. These monitoring systems generally output data to the web or an application on your Smartphone. You can check production totals of each individual panel. This is helpful for fast spotting any “dead” cells that are not generating electricity, either due to an issue with the panel itself. Any time you see an unexpected loss in power production, you should contact solar energy companies to come to do an inspection of the wiring.

If you decide to go with an expert, you need to know how to find one. If solar panels are famous in the area you live in, there should be an abundance of choices.  You can find a cleaning services by contacting your producer, doing your own local research, or referring to the Better Business Bureau. Check out more ideas to find a commercial cleaning for your solar panels.

Solar panels are should no longer be a worry for those deciding to take their commitment to the atmosphere a step further by adding solar panels to their house.

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