Do you really save money with solar power?

The payback of a solar system has become so best, many people are shocked to find out it is now possible to get a best standard system to pay for itself in as pretty as three or four years, with a possible total revenue of nearly $50,000 over the life of the system.

It was not all that long ago that solar systems took seven years or more before breaking even, so many people are now oversizing their array for a little longer return, with the advantage of being capable to use more power over a warm summer by running the air conditioner more often, or with the expectation that they will include battery storage in the future.

As a common rule, a solar power installation system will save up to around $400 per year, per kW. For example, a 5kW system will keep up to around $2,000 a year, providing you more power in summer matched to winter.

If you know a 5kW system is going to keep up to around $2,000 a year on your bills, you can then decide whether you want mid-range panels for a three year return or a top of the range system with a five year return on your cash.

If the top of the range system on average lasts seven years longer than affordable Chinese made brands, then perhaps you can justify a bigger outlay for increased longevity and reliability. This will depend on how long you intend to stay in your home and how much you have budgeted for a solar PV installer system.

One of the most vital points to consider is how fast you want the system to pay for itself. Typically the top case scenario is a return on your money from three to five years. A return on your money is less than three years typically needs buying very affordable components that are likely to less reliable, and an ROI of longer than five years typically means the system has been over-sized.

If you are relax with a longer return on your cash, the 2 big options are to go for better brands or a bigger system. This is definitely fully up to you, anyway, the one tip we do like to emphasise is that with solar brands you actually get what you pay for, which is a rise in longevity, standard and system performance.

How to maximise your return on investment

So you know that solar panels are value the upfront cost, but how can you better the amount you can earn from them. Here are the best tips to maximise the money you make.

Make sure your solar panels are installed at a best position on your property

This means in a position on your roof where they are facing west, south or east at an angle between 10 and 60 degrees, and one in which they are protected by shade. This will increase the efficiency of your solar panels and so the more power they will produce. You will therefore rise how much you can earn from the FiT.

Do solar power installation as soon as possible

Because the amount you can earn from the Feed-in Tariff is decreased every three months, installing solar panels at the earliest chance will rise the amount you can make from the electricity they generate.

Install the top number of solar panels as possible

Definitely this is dependent on how much roof area your property has, but the more solar panels you install with the help of solar electric company, the more profit you can make over twenty-five years from the FiT and savings on your power bills. If your property only has little amount of accessible roof area, then ensure to install solar panels with a top efficiency, a little number of solar panels with a top efficiency will generate the same amount of power as a bigger number of solar panels with a low efficiency.

Install a solar battery alongside your solar panels

A solar battery permits you to save any excess power produced by your solar panels instead of giving it back to the National Grid. Doing so will permit you to power your house with free electricity at times when your solar panels do not generate power. This will decrease your reliance on purchasing power your energy provider and raise the amount you keep on your power bills even more.

Revise the cash you make from your solar panels

A best way to maximise the amount you make from solar panels is to reinvest any money you save on power bills, plus any cash you make from the FiT. Consider putting it into an ISA, bond or saving account. Doing so will permit you to get interest on these earnings, and rise how much cash you make.

So is solar power worth it?

The message is very easy – if you have the budget for a standard system from a reputable solar PV  installer, solar power is absolutely value it. When sized up rightly, it is possible to get a return on your cash in as little as three to five years and have an problem-free that produces clean power for decades – over twenty-five years with the better brands. A 5kW system can keep up to approximately $50,000 off your power bills over the life of the system, cash that is taken directly from the books of the coal industry.

Furthermore, solar storage now accessible, enabling household to run their house almost fully off solar power. Solar + solar system are fast becoming the norm, as household look to rise their power independence and increase the use of solar power in the house.

Over 1.5 million households now have solar energy because the numbers simply make sense. When sized up rightly solar power costs as pretty as five cents a kWh. Match that to what you are presently paying and it quickly becomes apparent that the solar energy is value the money for most American households.

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