Best solar batteries for your solar power system

The use of solar energy and solar panels has grown increasingly more general in recent years. Someone does not need to be living “off the grid” to have an interest in power storage and solar batteries. Many people have picked to included solar power to their grid-linked homes, providing a backup for emergencies and surprising power outage, and for having a substitute for everyday use. In many cases, use of solar power for house reduces energy bills and permits for other money-saving advantages consumers can take benefit of.

Anyway, in order to make the most of the chances provided by solar power, you need to find a battery that meets your regular demands – one that permits for heavy cycling, and irregular full recharging. There are lots of choices and narrowing down your options will need some research.

What types of solar batteries are accessible

The primary step to picking the top solar battery for your solar power system and solar panels and charge controller is to figure out what kind of battery will top suit your needs. There are advantages and disadvantages for each type of battery and, in many examples, “the best” is just a matter of figuring out which will job for you.

Different types of batteries


This is the most generally used type of battery. There are 3 different types, including prismatic, cylindrical, and pouches. You will find this kind of battery in a big range of applications, adding cell phones and other mobile communication gadgets, and electric vehicles.

They are not as affordable as lead-acid batteries, due in part to needing a battery management system to check the temperature and cells voltage.

In most cases, lithium-ion batteries are capable to cycle any more than lead-acid batteries, making them a choice for ancillary power sources. Lithium-ion batteries also have a top charge and discharge, which means it is capable to harvest higher levels of power.

Lead acid

This type of battery has been used by people who pick to go off-grid for some time. They are an affordable choice and newer models can permit for deep cycling. You can get lead-acid batteries in both gel model and absorbed glass mat. They are built for both dual objective and standby applications, and the newer AGM designs permit  for deep cycling for a lesser price than their gel counterparts.

Users love these batteries because they are cost-friendly and they charge quicker and cycle more than older traditional lead-acid choices. They also do not need much maintenance because they internally changed oxygen and hydrogen into water. They can also be installed in just about any place, though not upside down, so if you need a battery in a hard-to-reach location that does not need changing very often, this is an amazing choice.

Nickel cadmium

Nickel-cadmium batteries have been in use for more than hundred years and provide a long lifespan and are a simple, reliable option. They are relatively affordable and the most updated designs permit gas to recombine into the water so the batteries are basically maintenance-free.

Nickel-cadmium batteries can stand up to high temperatures, making them a famous choice with off-grid people living in cruel climate. They have a top cycle life, and in some cases, and last up to 2 decades.

Disposal can be complicated because cadmium is a toxic material. It can be recycled and extracted into new batteries and the nickel can be used to make stainless steel.

What to consider when purchasing a solar battery

In addition to knowing what kind of battery is going to work top for your system, there are a few other things you will want to consider.

  • Ensure you pick the best size battery for solar panels for house to match your needs. A size calculator can support you determine your power needs and guide you to the best sized battery.
  • In addition to the price of the battery, you will want to consider the full cost of ownership. The affordable battery to purchase is not forever the cheapest over the course of its life. Think about how often you will need to change the battery and consider voltage, cycle life, and capacity.
  • Bear in mind that battery ratings can be misleading. Some take up to hundred or more cycles to reach full capacity, and those that get full capacity sooner than that would not last as long.
  • Must check the reviews of batteries. The top way to learn if a battery might be the best one for you is to view what users have head to say about it. Chances are the top batteries are going to have strong reviews from people who have experience with solar power.

Solar battery lifespan

The common range for a solar power system battery’s useful life span is between five and fifteen years. If you install a solar battery today, you will likely need to change it at least once to match the twenty-five to thirty years lifespan of your PV system. Anyway, just as the lifespan of solar panels has bigger significantly in the past decade, it is guessed that solar batteries will follow suit as the market for power storage solutions grows.

Right maintenance can also have a best effect on your solar battery’s lifespan. Solar batteries are significantly impacted by temperature, so saving your battery from sweltering or freezing temperatures  can increase its helpful life. When a PV battery drops below 30 F, it will need more voltage to reach highest charge, when that some battery increases above the 90 F threshold, it will become overheated and need a reduction in charge. To solve this issue, many leading battery producers, like Tesla, provide temperature moderation as a spec. Anyway, if the battery that you purchase does not, you will need to consider other solutions like earth-sheltered enclosures. Standard maintenance efforts can actually impact how long your solar battery will last.

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