Are swimming pool solar heaters a best choice for you?

Non-renewable resources are restricted and every person is recommending the use of renewable resources more in order to keep the power and the atmosphere. Solar power is readily accessible and solar powered products are amazing buys for everyone. These solar powered products may be slightly costly in the starting, but they provide long term advantages by saving money on your power bills every month. Swimming pool solar panels heaters can be installed in commercial building and homes to decrease fuel costs. Every person wants a well heated pool and it can be achieved with the use of affordable solar panels heaters.

Types of solar pool heaters

Two types of solar pool swimming heaters are common – unglazed heaters and glazed heaters. Unglazed heaters are perfect if you are more worried about heating the pool during freezing temperatures. They are made of heavy duty rubber or plastic that extends panels life. Unglazed heaters are more perfect for use in indoor swimming pools in cold climates.

On the other hand, glazed heaters have sophisticated glass covering that can rightly capture solar heat during all climates. If you want to acclimate your pool for the full year, glazed heaters are perfect choice. These heaters use copper tubing with iron tempered glass and aluminum plate. The same heaters can be modified to warm domestic water so that you can have solar water heater with an one investment.

How does solar pool heating work?

A solar pool heaters system do not have to be complex. A typical system consists of a filter, flat panel solar collector, a pump and some tubing. The swimming pool water is circulated through a flat panel solar collector, generally mounted on a garage or outbuilding roof or next to the pool itself. The solar panels or panel can be unglazed or glazed the choice is yours anyway, there is a huge difference in cost.

The water is heated by sun solar power which is absorbed by the water flowing over or via the panel before the heated water is returned back to the pool. An optional filter can be used to get rid of the leaves, dirt, and debris before the water is pumped via the solar collector and back to the pool using suitable copper tubing or plastic.

Swimming pool heating systems do not need a separate water storage tank, since the pool itself serves as the storage tank and in most cases, the pool filtration pump can be used to run the swimming pool water via the filter and solar collector making it an active system with force circulation of the heated water. In warm climates or the middle of summer, the solar collector can be utilized to chill the pool, by circulating the water around the system at night with solar panel working as a radiator instead of a solar collector. If you want to warm your pool during the colder winter weathers and months, a more advanced closed loop system may be needed which contains frost protection and anti-freeze.

Pros of swimming pool solar panels

  • Depending on your geographic place and sun exposure, by installing affordable solar panels heaters you could keep enjoying your pool for up to twelve
  • They have no further costs of pool solar heating after installation and get rid of fuel costs.
  • They last up to twenty years with no need for maintenance, and they generally carry a ten-year warranty.
  • They are simple to install and can be located on your roof or on the ground.
  • They are the top choice for the atmosphere and work in different climates, not just hotter ones.
  • Solar swimming pool heaters are perfect for both commercial and residential objectives.
  • Even the most extreme weather situations will not destroy the collectors: they are built to withstand hurricane-level winds exceeding 241 kmh.
  • The solar collectors job even in overcast weather because the suns thermal power is unaffected by clouds. Active rain may chill them down, but they fast regain their perfect temperature. Additional, rain helps clean the collectors and make maintenance simpler than in dry climates.

Are swimming pool solar panels heaters perfect for you?

Swimming pool solar heaters cost anywhere from $3,000 to $4,200 depending on the system you pick. The payback period of these systems change between 1.5 years to 7 years. The real payback time depends on the cost of fuels in your area. After installation, solar pool heaters do not need maintenance. They can be used for approximately for about 10-20 years without any modification. When long  term advantages are considered, solar pool heaters are actually cost effective when matched to heat and gas pump pool heaters. Anyway, you should talk a professional solar contractor and plumber to pick the type of solar powered pool heater for your house.

Useful tips

  • In order to increase the efficiency of solar pool heating system and to be as environmentally friendly as easy, there are few things you should consider.
  • Using a pool cover support lower the evaporation and preserve the heat you produce. Pool covers are not needed but are basic additional to solar heating kits. Dark coatings are advised as they capture even more heat from the sun.
  • In order to increase the panels efficiency, you should ensure they are right exposed to the sun (south-facing installations are advised) and free of any shading.
  • The size of the installation should be between thirty and sixty percent of the pool area or more.

Solar thermal systems have a little payback period and will help you keep money on your bills. While power and gas prices are constantly rising and make your expenses fluctuate depending on the season, solar panels generate fully free and clean power all year long, for as long as twenty years.

Solar heating systems often have automatic control systems, so you won’t need to monitor them or spend any money on maintenance.

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